Volleyball Betting

Whilst volleyball certainly doesn’t having the pulling power of some of the larger sports throughout the world, they do have a compact following of fans supporting their team. The most common form of the game comes via that of beach volleyball, mainly because of its glamour locations and the idea of playing a sport which follows the sun around the world.

The biggest following comes from countries such as Brazil, Russia and the US where there are hundreds of thousands of participants, massively outnumbering that of any other country. All three countries have stellar records at major championships and provide a rich and successful history in the game.

Since its affiliation with the Olympics in 1964, volleyball has become an integral part of the Olympic calendar and is by far and away their biggest event. The reigning Olympic champions are the USA.

Volleyball Betting Information

As the sport continues to grow as do the betting markets with online bookmakers starting to provide more comprehensive markets from leagues and competitions around the world. Betting is usually undertaken via one of four means; match betting, handicap, points total and points spread.

Most bettors will be more than familiar with the fractional or decimal layouts of the match betting markets. You simply place a wager on which team you think will win the game.

A set handicap is an increasingly popular market and one that is designed to bridge the gulf in class between the two teams. Depending on how much stronger one team is over another will depend on the handicapping amount. So, for example, if Team A is set at +10 and Team B at -10, then for Team A to win we need them to win by 10 or more points to claim a successful bet. Contrary if we want Team B to win at -10 then they need only be within 10 or less points, even if they lose the game, and we can still then win the bet.

Choosing the total points in a game is often as simple as choosing the over or under on a certain line set by the bookmaker. It’s also possible that this market will give you a host of different points totals for you to select which bracket you think it will fall in come full time.

Points spread betting is commonly used in American sports, but also can be applied to Volleyball. It basically is another variation of the points betting market, except this time when you choose the over or under, for every point you are correct you win money per that point. Let’s say you took a points spread bet on the over 35 points in a game at L1 per point. The game finished with 45 points so you won L10 (10 points at L1 per point over the 35 points line). If you made the same bet but the game finished with just 30 points then you would lose L5 (-5 points at L1 per point under the 35 points line).