Tennis Betting

Whilst tennis may not get the viewing figures of its heydays in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s still one of the major global sports attracting players and fans from around the world.

The nature of the game makes it a real hot spot for keen sports bettors. Unlike higher profile sports that trade millions of pounds each year, such as football, NFL and baseball, tennis seems to really kick home to the more shrewd sports bettor who likes to the action to come thick and fast.

The highlights of the tennis calendar come in the form of the four majors; US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and Australian Open. These are the pinnacle of the sport and something every tennis player thrives to win to etch their name into the history books. Whilst tournaments such as the Davis Cup and Masters series hold high prestige, it’s the majors that the players really want to win.

Live betting has seen a rise in tennis bettors over the years. The ability to bet as the game takes place really does seem to lure the more capable sports bettors to really dig out any edge they can over the bookmaker. As more and more bookmakers start to adopt live betting on all platforms, this increases the competition in the market, thus, resulting in a competitive odds market which is good news for all bettors.

Another pull is the fact that tennis competitions take place 12 months of the year. Granted the ‘main’ season is based from the start of the Australian Open in January running until the end of the US Open in September, but tournaments (many of which still attract players ranked in the top 50 of the world) are competitively taking place right through the winter months. This means that unlike sports such as football, rugby, cricket and many more alike, there is no official off season.

Tennis Betting Sites

Whilst the growth of the sport may not be on a scale of its other competitors, the betting market has taken off in recent years. More and more bookmakers offer a comprehensive selection of odds on various formats and betting platforms.

As a result you should be open to the idea of having various sports betting accounts to cover every possible base for tennis betting. Whilst this concept may not be something that is unusual to a veteran of the sports betting world, new users may be a little bit sceptical and overwhelmed to manage so many accounts. We are not saying open up 10 accounts right away, but merely get a couple that you feel comfortable with and bounce your bets between the two, taking the best odds for the bet you would like to make.

One of the positives of taking advantage of multiple sites is that you can in turn take advantage of multiple betting bonuses. At Sports Betting Academy we have a host of tennis betting sign up promotions so your loyalty will be rewarded with each sign up.

Tennis Betting Tips

Exploit live betting – Live betting is like next generation gaming, only for betting. It’s the future, but it’s here now. Granted tennis games can turn at the drop of a hat, but that’s why live betting works so well. If you can learn to anticipate when a player is tiring, certain trends from players and opponents, then live betting will offer the odds to maximise your value.

Expand your knowledge – Many tennis bettors claim to be ‘experts’ in the game, that’s why they think they will make money. Whilst this may be true to a certain extent, the real profits can be made from the lesser known players in the lower ranked games. The markets are a little smaller compared to that of say a Federer versus Nadal match, but the odds will fluctuate much more due to the low amount betting activity on the match (Note – Great for comparing odds on multiple betting sites).

Momentum – One of the biggest factors in tennis is momentum. Which player looks like they are picking the pace up? Who’s just broken serve? Who looks like they won’t have the energy to play another set? Pick up on the small details and the big money will roll in.