Sports Betting Guide

Sports’ betting is now a global entity with millions of pounds traded each year. As the popularity and exposure of sport continues to rise, bookmakers have seen fit to adopt more and more sports and widen the markets that they cover.

Whilst many trade their bets on a recreational level, there are those that make extremely successful livings out of sports betting. At Sports Betting Academy we have sourced some of the best information on the web to bring you a host of features for you to improve, expand your knowledge and ultimately make a profit from sports betting.

Listed below is a comprehensive list of sports of which you can bet on. Each article contains unique content from people who know their sports inside out, but more importantly, make money from betting on each respective sports market.

Football / Soccer Betting

Due to its massive worldwide exposure, many top bookmakers have seen fit to take advantage of this and promote football betting on a substantial scale. There is barely a league around the world which you can’t bet on with some really obscure choices of Israel, South Africa and Japan all having comprehensive markets on a weekly basis.

Ice Hockey Betting

As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, as do the betting markets of which consume a high percentage of NHL games .You can be assured that the majority of the top online bookmakers will hold Ice Hockey in high regard producing comprehensive markets as a result.

American Football Betting

The majority of betting revenue does come from the US with the main appeal being that of the NFL (National Football League) and College football (NCAA). Billions are traded each year on both leagues and it’s without doubt one of the largest sports betting platforms of any kind, even though it’s predominantly from the US markets.

Baseball Betting

Baseball is very much an American pastime if ever there was one. It’s one of very few sports that are mostly played on US soil. In terms of betting, baseball is a multibillion dollar industry and its understandable that many online bookmakers want a piece of that industry. There are tens, if not hundreds of online bookmakers offering markets on baseball.

Basketball Betting

As international basketball associations continue to grow a wealth of bookmakers take advantage of these markets around the world by offering extensive betting opportunities for their punters. There’s no doubt that the majority of betting activity will come from that of the NBA and NCAA (college basketball), but the European markets are starting to get a foothold into the basketball betting world.

Tennis Betting

Whilst tennis may not get the viewing figures of its heydays in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s still one of the major global sports attracting players and fans from around the world. The betting market has taken off in recent years. More and more bookmakers offer a comprehensive selection of odds on various formats and betting platforms.

Cricket Betting

As online betting on a whole is massively increasing, cricket has been a sport which has seen it reach masses of people in a betting format. The coverage is of a scale where there are 50 plus markets available to bet on for one game. Everything from highest run scorer, most wickets, form of dismissal, total runs in a game and man of the match, are all popular markets.

Golf Betting

Golf is truly a global sport in every sense of the word. It was only natural that the worldwide appeal of golf was picked up on in the betting world and for many bookmakers to start including golf markets on their respected betting sites. The boom is now really taking off and the world of golf betting is at an all time high.

Rugby Betting

Whilst the rugby betting markets certainly don’t live up to that of football, tennis or NFL, they are on the up and have seen a decent amount of growth in recent years. As rugby betting continues to grow online, more and more bookmakers are offering up comprehensive markets with a host of betting platforms.

Boxing Betting

There are few sports, if any, that come more physical than that of boxing. It’s also a sport for the masses where people of all shapes and sizes can find a place in Boxing. Whilst the betting markets are comprehensive, it’s certainly not one of the major betting sports around. As betting continues to develop and expand in boxing, as do the range of markets becoming available.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing has one of the largest global betting markets of any sport. It’s one of the few sports where betting plays a massively predominate role and many followers of the sport do so in order to make a profit. Many bookmakers see fit to use horse racing as one of their main betting platforms and will target races everyday from their high street shops, online and their on track stalls.

Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing is one of the few sports that’s primarily reason is to appease a gambling related market. The majority of crowds that turn out to the races are those looking to place wagers rather than that of simply viewing the sport, similarly to horse racing. Due to the popularity in betting on greyhounds, many bookmakers offer comprehensive markets from races around the world.

Handball Betting

Whilst to many handball isn’t as well known as your major sports such as football, rugby and tennis, Handball is massively popular across continental Europe where millions of people participate in leagues around the continent. The betting markets around the world actually are pretty active with hundreds of millions of dollars being wagered each year in continental Europe and Scandinavia alone.

Motorsports Betting

As betting markets for motorsports begin to massively increase over a wide variety of betting platforms, we have produced a guide to show you the best sites to bet with and which disciplines are available. Whilst each racing discipline will adopt its own betting tips, we have compiled a list that will give you a guide to which you can apply to any forms of motorsports betting.

Volleyball Betting

Whilst volleyball certainly doesn’t having the pulling power of some of the larger sports throughout the world, they do have a compact following of fans supporting their team. As the sport continues to grow as do the betting markets with online bookmakers starting to provide more comprehensive markets from leagues and competitions around the world.