Pinnacle Review

Whilst Pinnacle Sports (Pinnacle) has been in operation since 1998, it’s widely regarded as one of the leading online bookmakers extending to over 100 countries worldwide. Although figures aren’t available publicly, it’s estimated that the company handles billions of dollars each year.

Pinnacle were widely regarded as one of the first sports betting sites to not offer sign up bonuses to their customers, but rather offered a lower ‘juice’ to players in return of them placing wagers via their site. For the distinguished bettors amongst you, in the long run the lower fees will reap greater rewards.

Sports Betting and Gaming Offers

Pinnacle has the usual sports on offer in the form of hockey, football, rugby, baseball, basketball, golf, cricket and soccer. They have extensive ranges particularly when it comes to US based sports and Leagues such as the NFL, MLB and NHL.

Outside your frontline sports they offer markets on poker, politics, Quidditch and e-sports (such as Starcraft and the IGN Pro League). There pricing allows for a 97-98% on bets across the board making it a very popular hangout for the experience bettors.

Their casino offers a wide variety of games including American roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat, whilst also offering games suitable for high rollers. Each month their casino is reviewed by an independent auditing company to ensure games remain fair over a period of time. The results are released each month to their users.

Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

As mentioned, Pinnacle don’t offer flat bonuses to players, instead they use this money to provide better odds. The industry standard that is charged amongst online bookmakers for commission is around 6% with some even hitting the dizzy heights of 10% of all bets you make. Pinnacle charge just 2% to all its customers no matter how much you decide to wager.

It’s certainly a unique approach and one that will benefit all players. The 4% saved in juice can become several times better than any betting bonus, especially for those either wanting to place multiple bets or bets of a significant amount. They provide a betting calculator for you to see exactly how much you could save over a certain period of time compared with the industry standard.

The casino section offers a 0.3% return in your stake with every bet you make.

Customer Support

The only contact method you have is via email with Pinnacle, which is a little disappointing. Major bookmakers should be offering numerous ways to get in touch to suit their players. A test email was sent to pinnacle and we received a prompt reply with a fix to our problem.


The cashier is very diverse with a host of different currencies to choose to bank in. All deposits are free with the majority crediting your account instantly. Withdrawals are actually also very quick again with most hitting your account of choice in good time. You get one free withdrawal per month before you will incur a charge with additional withdrawals.