Live Betting

There’s no doubt that live batting is the future of online betting. You only need to go and look at any online bookmaker to see how many comprehensive markets they offer with live betting attached.

The concept behind it is pretty simple. You are still able to place odds before a match or event has started, but with live betting it allows you to place odds as that event takes place with odds fluctuating depending on what’s happening in real time.

If we use football as our example; the odds before a game for Team A were 3.0 to win the match, with Team B being 4.0 and the draw being at 5.0. As the first half is played out the teams go into half time with the score remaining at 0-0. Now at this point the odds have adjusted according to the possible result of the game. Whilst its 0-0 at half time the game has become more likely to end in a draw with the odds changing to reflect this as follows; Team A 5.0, Team B 6.0 and the Draw now a firm favourite at 2.0. The second half kicks off and after 60 minutes the first goal of the game is scored by Team A. After the goal the odds now read; Team A 2.5, Team B 9.0, Draw 3.0. As Team A is in the lead they have now become favourites to win the game whilst the odds of both Team B winning and the Draw have lengthened. With 1 minute of the match to play and the score still being 1-0 to Team A, the odds now read; Team A 1.5, Team B 15.0 and the Draw 3.5.

As sports betting continues to flourish, the live betting scene has often been known as the catalyst of the growth. Taking advantage of live betting can become extremely profitable, especially if you feel you have an extensive range of knowledge over a specific sport. It’s this knowledge that may allow you to take advantage of prices which don’t reflect how a game or match may be panning out. Without a crystal ball it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen in the game. Over time however, we learn patterns that emerge in each sport so can predict many factors in a game. Live betting then allows us to apply our knowledge, before placing bets accordingly.

Live betting certainly holds a different feel compared to that of the more ‘traditional’ betting forms. For one, the pace of betting is massively increased with bets being placed in matter of second as odds fluctuate rapidly. To combat these difficulties when live betting, we have assembled a series of tips and strategies for you to apply to your betting arsenal.

Research your betting market – We’ve touched on how fast paced the live betting scene is and it’s for this reason that we need to become accustomed to how the market reacts. Before placing a wager, watch how the markets odds fluctuate throughout the match and which events offer the biggest changes. Once you can confidently predict what the changes to initial market are going to be, then you will be able to react much quicker and effectively when you have your money on the line.

Be available – One of the most important things is to be available to react to these changes in the market. It’s no good placing a bet then either heading out for 10 minutes or so only to get back to realise you have missed a ton of value, or even worse, lost money! Make sure you are on hand to place bets and respond to changes in the markets.

Watch the event – If you are unable to watch the event (and the whole event) then you shouldn’t even be considering any live betting. You can’t apply any of your knowledge from the game to your bets so it’s basically going to be pointless. If you are watching the game then you can anticipate future occurrences and get in early to your betting market.

Odds shopping – Make sure you look for the best odds to get the best value. It’s a pretty obvious concept, but many are often too lazy to do so and consequently miss out on a boat load of value as a result. The size of the live betting market at the minute means bookmakers are in fierce competition with each other. This is perfect for live bettors who can take advantage of the lowest prices around.