Legality of online sports betting

There are many grey areas surrounding the legality of online sports betting and which countries allow it. The majority of places around the world are perfectly legal to bet online, although there are places that are banned also. It’s for this reason that many areas worldwide adopt an infrastructure and legislation to regulate and license online gambling.

One thing to note is that each betting site HAS to be regulated and licensed depending on its location. This ensures the safe guarding of players funds. It’s also worth noting that many of the gambling jurisdictions do not allow US players. All sites that we promote at Online Bookmaker are regulated and 100% safe to bet on or with.

Each country has their own regulation body and jurisdiction laws of which each company that applies from that country, must abide by.  There are very strict laws for betting companies in place all in order to make it a safer environment for you, the online bettor.

What governing bodies are in place for online betting sites?

With many gaming companies heading to offshore facilities such as Gibraltar and the Isle of Mann, each country has their own gaming commission and governing body. The larger come in the form of Gibraltar Gambling Commission, UK Gambling License, Antigua & Barbuda Online Gambling, Costa Rica Online Gambling Law, Curaco Gambling Laws, Malta Gaming Law & License, Australia Gambling Laws Online, Isle of Man Gambling Jurisdiction, Israel Online Gambling and Kahnawake Gambling Online.

Due to the reduced amount of guidelines in the Costa Rican Gambling Jurisdiction, many larger companies have seen fit to base their company from there with the added benefits of having more scope to manoeuvre in the online gambling world. Whilst the law actually says you can’t allow people from Costa Rica to gamble online, you can in fact legally advertise to and host players from around the world.

Malta was actually the first member of the European to legally regulate online gambling, whilst offering a wide variety of platforms from betting, casino, poker and bingo. Similarly is that of the Gibraltar Gambling commission who are also ‘white listed’ jurisdiction making gambling online in the UK legal.

Its governing bodies like these that are in place to ensure you have a safe and secure gambling experience. If any problems do occur then it’s these governing bodies who are often the first to make sure that player’s funds are safe.

As time progresses, the online gambling industry is becoming much more widely accepted by bettors, residents and governments alike. The positives come in the form of an increase in financial benefits for the country and an upheaval in economic terms producing new jobs from the gambling companies for local residents. If these jurisdictions continue to serve and provide the freedom that betting companies want then it will continue to have a positive effect for all involved.

Is gambling safe?

As long as you stick with trusted gambling sites that are member of their represented gambling gaming bodies then online betting is completely safe. If you think a site looks a little shady and you are reluctant to deposit funds then simply find another site. All sites promoted on Sports Betting Academy are 100% trustworthy and are also registered to their gaming commission or board of control.