Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing is one of the few sports that’s primarily reason is to appease a gambling related market. The majority of crowds that turn out to the races are those looking to place wagers rather than that of simply viewing the sport, similarly to horse racing. Countries such as the UK, Ireland, US, Australia and New Zealand are predominately the largest greyhound racing communities, with the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Germany and France promoting the sport on a much smaller scale.

Due to the popularity in betting on greyhounds, many bookmakers offer comprehensive markets from races around the world and with the popularity in the sport increasing, as do the amount of bookies providing markets. As bookmakers continue to thrive from the greyhound racing scene, many have seen fit to sponsor some of the larger greyhound racing tracks. The likes of William Hill, one of the worlds leading and oldest bookmakers, are strongly associated with tracks in Sunderland and Newcastle, to name but a few.

Greyhound racing betting works similarity to that of horse racing, where you can choose between a win, place (select which dog will finish in the top 3 positions at reduced odds) or show (select which dogs will finish in first, second and third). Other bets include Superfecta (correct order of first four dogs), Quinella (select first two dogs in any order), Perfecta (correct order of top two) and Trifecta (correct order of first three). You can expect to find massively increased odds selecting the correct outcome for any of these betting formats.

Greyhound Betting Sites

If its greyhound racing you are after, then you need look no further than William Hill. We’ve already mentioned how involved they are in the sport with the sponsorship of some of the top racing tracks around the UK, in conjunction with this they also offer a host of top greyhound betting markets. In fact, there are few that do greyhound racing better than William Hill. They cover every race around the UK and also offer a host of markets on the majority of the US greyhound racing scene. You can also get ante post markets on some of the biggest races including the GRA Surrey Cup, Greyhound Derby, Ladbrokes Irish Derby and Primus Telecom Derby.

If you register an account today you will become eligible to a L25 free bet. Simply deposit anything up to L25 and your account will be accredited with your free bet 100% matching your initial deposit.

Greyhound Betting Tips

Take note of the draw – Whilst there are only ever around 5-8 dogs in each race, the draw for the traps can be crucial. A dog that has previous form from trap 5 may not be able to perform as well from trap 1, for example. Take note of their previous results and also note the trap from which they ran well or even poorly from.

Use the bookies as a guide – As with any sport, if the bookmakers see a lot of money going on one dog in particular then they are going to reduce the odds for that dog. It’s important to track what the odds were of each dog as the market opens and then asses this just before the race starts. The bookmakers setting the initial prices are often very well informed so set competitive prices first up. If you see and early favourite drifting as the odds for other dogs decrease, then this could provide you with chunk of value.

Age of the dog – The age of the dog can really be crucial when deciding your bets. A dog will peak around two years old, whilst a bitch around three, any older and the dog is likely past its best.