The ever-increasing sports online slot machine range

If you’ve played jackpot online slots recently, there is a fairly good chance that you will have noticed an increase in the number of sports themed slot machines available at casinos. Why? In this article, we will look at the rapid rise of sports themed online video slots, and see just where the sudden influx of games stems from. There are no definitive answers, of course; however, with a bit of logic and information, we can deduce within reasonable doubt why sports themed video slots are suddenly all the rage.

A rise in sport betting

Check out any statistics you want, and you will find that the sheer number of players wagering on online sports games has increased. We’re not just talking about high-street bookies here, but also online sportsbooks, and specifically mobile sports betting and live in-play bets. There has been a greater interest in sports betting in general than ever before, and rather than risk losing some of their traffic to bookies, some casinos have begun looking for sports-themed slots, to try and keep the sporting action alive in their own casinos.

Free promotion via major tournaments

Another major reason why developers might switch their focus to sports themed video slots is promotion. If a developer releases a slot with a World Cup football theme, directly prior to the start of a major football tournament, there is every chance that casino players who have had their interest in football tweaked by the upcoming tournament may be interested in playing a football themed slot. This is a pattern we have seen with many major slots which are launched during or around about the time of major sporting events, such as Wimbledon, the Grand National, World Cup and European football championships, and other major sports tournaments. The closer a sports themed slot is launched to a major tournament, the more players it draws in. Unfortunately, once the tournament ends, the stats do tend to show that the number of players trying their hand at those slots slowly ebbs away.

Competition from rivals

If all your rivals are developing major sports themed slots to tie in with an upcoming sporting event, it naturally makes sense for you to jump on the bandwagon. Developers are continuously trying to outdo their rivals, and if one developer releases a sports themed online slot which is luring in a crowd, you can bet your bottom dollar that other developers will be close behind. As you imagine, this spurs on the number of games we have seen, facilitating the rise in sports themed online slots.

Improvements in technology

Bonus rounds are now more complex than ever before. New technology has allowed casino software developers to come up with new ways to incorporate special features and bonuses. For instance, 5 years ago, the technology of online slots rarely allowed for penalty shoot-outs and tournament style features to appear in online slots. This is something the football slot loving community had been crying out for. Now, technology has advanced so that any football fan can expect such features to exist in a football slot. The same is true of other sports themed slots. The better the technology gets, the more casino software developers will try to showcase what they can do with their latest sporting themed video slots. After all, would you rather play a tennis slot with mere tennis-related symbols, or would you rather play one which incorporates matches, tournaments and trophies via bonus rounds?

The future

It is possible that at some point in the future, there won’t be such a large influx of sports themed slots as there is now. The same was true in the past and is true of every slot theme. Vampire slots were popular a few years, but they simply aren’t now. Zombie themed slots have replaced them, for example. We are currently in a time when sports themed online slots are abundant and getting bigger and better all the time. It may not always be the case, so if you are the type of player who gets their kicks out of sports themed slots, you should take full advantage of that.