Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports is an extremely popular pastime, where participants put together their own teams with the results of the contest based upon real life performances of the chosen players in sporting contests. Historically, fantasy sports ran for the entire course of an entire season and generally is conducted just for fun.

In sports betting, on the other hand, you place real money bets on the outcome of given matches, which are decided the same day, which does provide the instant gratification that a lot of bettors know and love and require.

What if these two concepts could be married so to speak though, where bets could be made on a fantasy sport format, and decided in a much shorter period of time than a season, daily in fact like normal sports betting is, but still involved all the fun and skill of selecting your own teams that regular fantasy sports involve?

This is exactly what Daily Fantasy Sports is. It is betting on sports, but it’s not just betting on the teams that are playing, it is betting on your own team, the team that you have selected. This also places you in direct competition with other players who select their own teams as well from the player pool, and the goal is to beat them and take the glory as well as the money.

Daily Fantasy Sports takes sports betting to a whole new level of competition, where now you’re competing with people directly, and you get to showcase your skills directly as well. The goal is to be better at picking winners and if you can do that you will turn a profit and the bigger the margin here the bigger your profits will be.

So much like poker, where you are at the poker table with several other players and while there is luck involved, overall the better players will be the ones that take the money. Daily Fantasy Sports is almost a pure game of skill actually, although there is some luck involved, a player getting injured during a game for instance, but this all is pretty negligible. Other than that, you are pitting your player selection skills against the skills of the people you are competing with, it’s as simple as that.

Daily Fantasy Sports has really grown of late and there are now hundreds of millions of dollars paid out every year to players. Those who get involved in this tend to really love it and the popularity for this type of betting continues to grow.

In a way, Daily Fantasy Sports combines everything good about sports betting with some strong elements of poker as well, the head to head competition in particular. In a way these are like poker tournaments although they require far less effort than a poker tournament would, you pick your players/team and then you just sit back and enjoy the results.

Given all this, it’s no surprise that so many professional poker players and sports bettors have really taken to Daily Fantasy Sports. So check it out right now and get started in on the most exciting thing on the internet since online poker.