Casino and Poker

Many online bookmakers have incorporated comprehensive casino and poker options to their clients. These run adjacent to its sports bets but include a host of game types and formats of which you can take advantage of to increase your gambling profits.

You may now be familiar with the concept of betting bonuses via sports books, but also many bookmakers provide betting offers to that of both their casino and poker rooms. The offers also tend to be larger than that of a standard sports betting offer, but can take a little longer to clear the whole bonus. Make sure you take time finding the best offers to fully take advantage of these fantastic sign up deals.


Online poker has increased massively over the years and whilst the ‘boom’ periods of the mid 2000’s has simmered down somewhat, you can still find thousands of players available online at any one time.

Many online bookmakers won’t have massive sized poker rooms, but you can be guarteed that games of all formats will be running around the clock. The most popular format comes in the form of Texas Holdem but variants such as Omaha, Stud and Razz are all commonly available.

Poker is defiantly a skill based game with an element of luck to it. As this is the case, the more time invested into improving your game will increase the amount of money you win in the long run. There are countless training sites and poker schools available online with many avenues being free for beginners. We would highly recommend that you take advantage of places like OnlinePokerAcademy, Card Runner and even YouTube where you can sample video tuition for free.

Most poker clients will require a separate download and once downloaded you will be able to access the poker room from your computer desktop. Remember that bonuses are often based on your initial deposit amount and cannot be added to at a later. It’s for this reason that you need to make sure you can deposit as much as you can comfortably afford to take advantage of as much as the sign up bonus as possible.


Casino rooms can work via one of two ways. You can download a client, similarly to that of the poker client, or you can access their flash or java based casino sites to eliminate any need for download. Either way both will work exactly the same, so it just comes down to personal preference. There are literally hundreds of games available with many casino clients, the most popular coming in the form of blackjack, roulette, craps and magnitude of different slot machines.

Unlike poker, casino games have a much higher luck factor with many games offering little signs of edge for the punter. Nevertheless, there are skill elements to some of the games such as blackjack where mathematical equations can be factored in to how you should play out your hands.

One of the most popular games in the online casino world is that of the slots. A quick glance at any online bookmaker’s casino section will show an array of different slot games such as King Kong, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Rocky…See the theme here? The slots tend to all play out pretty similarly, just with a few differentiating aspects for each game. Many also include massive jackpots which can be in excess of over $1 million. It’s a pretty sweet thought that a few spins on a slot machine could make you a millionaire!

Other games

As online bookmakers continue to adapt their markets appealing to a wider range of online bettors, they have provided a host of other games which may people to the wider public. Common games such as ‘Deal or No Deal’, ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ and ‘Bullseye’ are just a few of a host of online games that you can wager money on.

The world of online bingo has also taken massive strides in recent years. As a result you will be hard pushed to find a bookmaker who offers any sort of casino not to be offering a bingo section as well. Whilst bingo tends to be associated with the older, female generation, the UK is in the midst of a Bingo boom with a player pool including younger males right through to Grandfathers and alike.