Basketball Betting

Basketball is a game predominately played throughout the US with them hosting the largest league in the world through the National Basketball Association (NBA). The game does get a worldwide following and not just for the American leagues. Countries such as the UK, Germany, Yugoslavia, China and Spain all host professional leagues with a host of talent throughout.

As these international basketball associations continue to grow, the influx of foreign players into the NBA has been apparent. The likes of Dirk Nowitzki, Yao Ming, Tony Parker and Pau Gasol are just a few of the international players in the NBA that have gone onto the become household names and superstars of their sport. The likes of Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers and Boston Celtics are synonymous with the sport and are well known whether you are a basketball fan or not, such is the global attraction and appeal of the sport.

The growth has seen a wealth of bookmakers take advantage of these markets around the world by offering extensive betting opportunities for their punters. There’s no doubt that the majority of betting activity will come from that of the NBA and NCAA (college basketball), but the European markets are starting to get a foothold into the basketball betting world.

Basketball Betting Sites

The growth of international basketball betting has seen many European online bookmakers begin to open up their markets. Ladbrokes offers one of the most comprehensive forms of basketball betting. Available markets include NBA, Austrian, French, Greek, Italian, VTB United League, Spanish and Turkish, whilst also providing a Bet In-Play option.

If you were to register an account today with Bodog then you would become eligible to receive up to L10 in free bets. All you need to do is make a deposit of up to L50 and Bodog will 100% match this deposit in the form of a free bet after you have made your first bet.

Basketball Betting Information

American betting works slightly differently to that of the ‘standard’ European forms of betting. Whilst European bookmakers will likely offer an array of betting options, it’s important to understand that of American betting styles as well.

Points spread betting is a form of American handicapping. It’s a way for the bookmaker to reduce the gulf in ability between the two teams by basically giving one team a ‘virtual’ head start over their opponents. The points will vary on each team’s ability, but the teams will come with an either positive or negative starting point’s total.

For example, if the home team was +9.5 and the away team -9.5 this means that for the home to win they must be 10 or more points clear at the end, and for the away team to win they must be within 9 or more points. So, even if the away team loses the match and they are 9 or more points within their opponents score, then they will win the bet.

It’s important not to get this form of points spread betting mixed up with a European form of points spreading. This involves taking an over or under at a certain line, then either winning or losing money per point for every point over or under the proposed line. A quick example would be betting L1 per point on basketball for every point over 85 in a match. If the team scores less than 85, say 75 for this example, then you would lose L10 (-10 points at L1 per points). If the team scores 95 then you would win L10 (+10 points at L1 per point).